Our inspiration is you.

Real, modern, passionate woman who express themselves through their own personal style. The design team creates the latest trends and presents two complete Total Look collections each year, covering every aspect of an outfit: bags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Every year, DOCA presents two campaigns and catalogues with the signature of famous fash­ion photographers, stylists, make-up artists and models. Every campaign has a unique concept, which expresses the latest trends of the season and suggests how to mix and match the new DOCA creations.

New Season, New DOCA Fall-Winter 2019/20 Collection. Our inspiration is the modern dynamic woman and her need for elegance and femininity. The new DOCA collection has been influenced by the ‘60s, ‘70s and the punk movement, combining classic style with up-to-date aesthetics. Explore new DOCA Collection through the new trends that will define fashion landscape this season.

Noir. This trend is a journey into the occult world of magic and eerie beauty. Noir focuses on dark romance and gothic influences through simple silhouettes but investing in particulars. The accessories, clothes and jewelry of the collection refer to the dark side of nature and are inspired by myths and fairy tales.
Extravagant details dominate the trend. More is more: Here maximalism meets mysticism and eccentric style enhancing the romantic, inner mood that the collection exudes. The ‘essentials’ of every women’s wardrobe are modernized and replaced by up-to-date combinations. Prints, ornate fabrics, and decorative details distinguish the style of the new season.

In a world saturated with various “things” and constant pressure, the Origins trend, backing the principles of “back to basics” and “less is more”, comes to value the slower pace of life, always embracing craftsmanship and timeless style.
Starting our journey from the past, the new Origins trend invites us to focus on those that have been truly valued and tested over the years. Functionality is the key. The new designs have a vintage aesthetic that is reflected in the collection. The influences from the ’60s and’ 70s are evident throughout the collection. The designs in this trend are contemporary but also intimate, using retro medium shades, classic skins, wool and other solid materials.

Escape the ordinary with the new DOCA Spring- Summer `19 Collection. Your new season wardrobe essentials get a total makeover and dare you to experiment with our two new trends: Common Ground & Fresh & Feminine.  Free your inner beauty and celebrate with us 30 years of feminine fashion, style and elegance. Celebrate with us the 30 years of DOCA!

Live it to the limit. Live in the summer with the new Fresh & Feminine collection. Fresh & Feminine invites you to the most entertaining, self-expressive journey for outfits that make you stand out!
Fresh & Feminine brings feminine existence to the forefront of development, inspired by the dynamic persona of the 90s and approaching the streetwear with a more feminine and sexy aesthetics. Strict tailoring gives its place in drape details, oversized lines and more youthful silhouettes. Here Punk transforms and gets a more girly character for unforgettable street style appearances.

In a time of division, the need to re-discover our roots as well as the things that unite us becomes the source of inspiration for the Common Ground trend. In this tendency, the auspices of the lines blend harmoniously with comfort, giving a wild earth charm to the collection’s designs.
The unpretentious feel of the handmade meets the traditional techniques and gives new meaning to the earthly minimal aesthetics of the collection. The rustic patterns with vintage influences, transparencies and airy fabrics dominate the trend you will love this season.

Join the most fashionable celebration of the season! DOCA Fall-Winter 18-19 collection is the absolute style destination. Stand out of the crowd with the signature DOCA style. Sophisticated lines, plaid patterns and impressive prints, luxurious fabrics on bags, clothes, shoes and accessories will give an instant sense of charm on every outfit. The 3 new DOCA trends will accompany you from Fall to Winter:


An innovative journey to fashion and style metropolis with romantic influences, suggests the new Avantgarden collection. This trend connects street style with the ethnic and folk influences of different cultures, emphasizing at the same time and preserving their authenticity.
Avantgarden is youthful, expressive with a sense of nostalgia. The items of the collection are of high aesthetics and create the most fashionable combinations for both city and outdoor looks. Different folk patterns and decorative elements from around the world, 3D design and urban aesthetics of clothes, handbags and accessories of this collection make each item a small artwork.

Nostalgic Soirée

Welcome Fall with the most “geek” trend of the season. Inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, Nostalgic Soirée focuses on simple, practical design and the importance of everyday dressing. In this trend preppy style gets a makeover. The outfits of the collection balance between office appropriate and college look creating combinations that can be worn from morning to evening.
The chosen materials combine the philosophy and luxury of the past with the style of the 21st century. Sophisticated androgynous silhouettes, oversized lines, tweed & plaid patterns give “collectible charm” and inspire for many stylistic experiments.


When elegance meets the evening wear, then it’s … Wonderglam. The new evening wear collection of Autumn-Winter Collection 18/19 is experimenting and explores the impact of new technologies on fashion. It is a trend that draws inspiration from science fiction and experimentation with the human form. With Wonderglam the classic evening wear is changing.
The collection’s garments get a gorgeous look with studs, pearls and particularly luxurious fabrics, bags and accessories impress with their decorative elements, finishes, cut out details and their vinyl and iridescent surfaces, creating the hottest looks of season.

Every Summer has its own story… Make yours with the new DOCA SS18 collection.

Free your inner boho spirit and live summer to the limit. Warm earth tones, floral and western details on bags, clothes and accessories will be perfect match for transition between seasons.

Girls to the front. Feel unique, be you with the new Girl Gang Collection.

Navy look was never more elegant. Mix and match of eternal navy look and ethnic influences promise you the most chic look of the season.

Casual effortless street-style look with Young & Retro Collection. Soft warm color palette and minimal `90s lines will cozy up your look.

A fresh approach to minimal look. The perfect transition contemporary outfit for spring. Explore new accessories collection for him & her.

A view in the super-natural through eco tropical paradises. Exotica takes inspiration from nature for a warm summer.

DOCA Fall Winter 2017/18
Minimal and chic. The new DOCA Fall Winter 2017-2018 Collection is all about going back to our roots, reinvent ourselves and transform it into piece of art. Sharp silhouettes, soft luxurious fabrics and vintage prints are the main characteristics of F/W 17-18 collection. DOCA never stops. Embrace new season with our two special mini collections ”Dreamer” and “Nymphes by Doca” for S.O.S Children`s Villages Greece.

Who said that the fashion isn’t eco-friendly? The minimal trend of this season ties up harmoniously the style with the need for viability and the return back in our roots. Female lines, luxurious textiles friendly to environment and recyclable materials, characterize this trend that will excite you.

Prepare yourself for a travel back to nature. The new naturalism collection is distinguished by earthy colours, extravagant prints and particular textures, drawing inspiration from the British countryside and her timeless style. Explore the new Naturalism collection and give country flair in your daily urban looks.

Vintage returns dynamically in order to conquer your daily looks. The Infusion collection restores the retro 70 `s atmosphere combining it with the modern aesthetics and making it one from the tendencies that we will love this season. Intense colours, abstract prints and textures in bags, clothes and accessory, upgrade in a feminine way your wardrobe, giving an essential luxury touch.

For elegant day-to-night appearances, explore the new DARK GLAMOUR collection. Tailored lines that highlights the feminine silhouette, shiny patterns and particular decorative details, promise to upgrade your total look in a glamorous way.


Lazywear was not never more stylish! Embrace new season with new DREAMER lazywear and homeware collection. Explore the new collection with comfortable joggers, cozy blankets, must-have shoes and accessories and prepare yourself for the “hottest” winter.

DOCA for third time in a row supports SOS VILLAGES Greece, with the creation of a new special collection. The “Nymphs” Collection invites us to join this imaginary fashion journey for a good cause.
Dryad, is a tree nymph, or tree spirit, in Greek Mythology. Prints inspired by nature in earth tones and soft luxurious fabrics will “warm” your everyday style.
Naiads (Ancient Greek: Ναϊάδες) are a type of female spirit, or Nymph, presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water. Clothes, bags and accessories in shades of blue will bring a fresh breeze to your winter outfits.
In Greek Mythology, an Oread is a mountain nymph. The Oread series feature a collection of bags, clothes and wallets inspired by the cold colours of the Greek sierra.


The new DOCA Spring-Summer 2017 collection, with fresh stylish suggestions, bold colors and unique textiles and textures, will help you refresh your look and welcome the new season in the most fashionable way.

The fashion trends:
Break out of your routine and spice up your life with the exotic Caribbean flair and charm of DOCA Ecoprecious collection. The tropical charm of Cuba, Caribbean, Bolivia and Kochi, inspired our design team to create a trend that combines these multi-cultural ethnic elements with organic textiles and materials, in an eco-friendly way. Straw bags, fine knitted clothes and macramé are the main characteristics of this trend. Pick your perfect maxi dress combine it with a high waist belt, and create an eye-catching day-to-night summer outfit. Exotic floral and stunning leave prints on dresses, chunky and fine knits in pastel colors, will help you get this signature look.
Embrace the summer and reinvent your style with our new Saltmarine collection. The all-time favorite navy look, gets a complete makeover and an 80`s inspired new look. The classic navy stripes reinvent themselves and get inspired of digital waves and modern art silhouettes. High waist striped trousers, long cotton shirtdresses and jumpsuits combined with metallic sneakers, create the new sporty chic attitude of this trend. Add extra glam to your outfit with accessories in shades of red, blue or white, and stand out in style.

The concepts:
Plan your next vacation with the new “BON VOYAGE” collection. Our fresh collection of bags and wallets in earthly tones are designed for stylish women with attitude. Large airport stamped printed weekender bags, will accompany you to your next weekend or holiday get away. Travel with DOCA, travel with style!
Inspired by the seas deep blue and Greek islands white, our new ‘Greek Spirit’ collection will virtually tour you to the Aegean and Ionian islands. The slogan of the line is “My Greek Island Home” and “Olive Branch with a Mediterranean Flair”. Stunning handmade engraved details and prints on bags and wallets embellish our new collection.


Our brand new Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection is about to excite you! DOCA presents two amazing fashion trends, ECO WARM and RETROSPECT. Let’s explore them!


This trend has a simple honest approach made with craftsmanship and authenticity of upcycled materials. Outsized silhouettes are wrapped in warm rustic tones and textures. It is inspired by the rural style of country in an elegant & effortless way. Silhouettes are relaxed, soft and draped with romantic volume. It explores the elements of nature and it has a solitary, roaming spirit illustrating the eroded landscapes and wilderness of the winter. Soft utility leather bags that fall to the form of the body define the shape of items in this direction. The color pallet ranges from pale, breezy neutral to heavier, moody greys creating a tension that is bolstered by cold.


A trans-seasonal theme is unfolded as color is heightened and brings an intense bundle of energy to the scene. Fashion returns the thriving dynamism of the 1970s and 1980s New York’s melting pot of music and art with influences of hip-hop culture. Disruptive patterns and prints, disjoin the rhythm of consistency and release playful glitches into the mix. Faux-fur and overcoats in bright and odd colours add playfulness to clothing and accessories on this story. Designs feel seemingly old and new with fancy oversized sleeves and light performance fabrics transform costume references into innovative, experimental looks. Luxury is reinterpreted in a new unexpected way.


DOCA `s Spring-Summer `16 creations for unique and stylish looks, were inspired from the retro touches of the 60s and the 70s, the African florals and Maritime stripes with navy details. The Summer Doca collection is divided in 4 themes:

Brightness, happiness and youth are the characteristics of this concept. The fresh color pallet consists of milkshake pink, cool blue, dark magenta and mint green. Playfully ironic and extremely cute with “anything goes” attitude, which keeps up perfectly with the contemporary hipster’s aesthetic. Discover your inner girl with these perfect prints and patterns.
Adventurous and nature loving women rejoice! If you don’t already have Safari inspired outfits and garments, take the chance and fill your wardrobe with safari look essentials. A long or shirt dress in neutral tones, Bermuda’s shorts, hats, bags, printed scarfs and stunning accessories, are the best components of the total safari outfit. Loose silhouettes are mixed with cotton and ecological yarns. Neutral and dark colored pallet with bright highlights combined with dessert camouflaged and abstract prints, give a fresh and relaxed summery everyday look.
Step into the sun and embrace the wild side of fashion. Follow your animal instincts this summer and let’s talk about dense tropical forests of the jungle and African savannas. Printed cotton voiles fabrics with tropical leafs and tribes motifs on loose dresses can be worn as relaxed evening summer city looks or as day to night silhouette by the beach on a vocational mood. Extravagant look, oversized clutches and statement jewelry create a subtle, very contemporary optic effect.
If you’re into nautical fashion style, summer time is the best time to show off your taste. Not only do you have more opportunity to land yourself on a yacht, but your red and blue stripes will look chic just about everywhere the sun is shining. Remember to go crazy over stripes and invest in a bright red lipstick. Nautical fashion styles are notoriously fun and always chic. Add a few splashes of bold red at your accessories, and you will have a chic, seafaring look that can be worn everywhere from a picnic to your office.


For the winter campaign FW -15-16 DOCA remembered the 70’s era.
The handcrafted aesthetic and the casual chic which was presented through dummies dolls.  DOCA wore hats and shawls with motifs inspired by the Incas and combined them with crocodile surfaces bags and shoes. Through her journey she came to modern women.
Using the “memories” she created all day looks attached to it. Croco, leather and metallic surfaces perfectly combined with chic dresses and shirts completing sophisticated evening looks!


In summer campaign SS15 DOCA was on vacation! She used earthy tones without separating the ultimate summer combination blue and white.  DOCA got the summer lighthearted mood with maxi dresses and bohemian looks.  DOCA brought out the youthfulness with vivid colours and playful prints. For formal appearances she walked in the footsteps of elegance by choosing minimal looks and chic combinations of black and white.


In the winter of ’14, the collection of DOCA stayed in strict lines. Presented elegantly sets which emerged with gold chains and jewelry. To be sheltered from the bitter cold of winter DOCA used knit sweater, which combined with pencil skirts and high-heeled boots. For everyday comfort and excursions chose knitted dresses with flat boots.


Summer 2014 is here! Dresses, skirts, and pants are on. DOCA prepared and equip her shops with all the necessary for your summer appearances. Besides the African touch DOCA turned her attention in pop girl. How she did it? By using bright colours like electric blue, fuchsia, coral and turquoise. Suggested youngster style through cropped trousers in vinyl and satin textures and bags with army or leopard prints in bright colours. Three bloggers Natalie, Jenny and Elena were DOCA’s great ambassadors!


DOCA rule winter rock! DOCA welcomed the winter of ’13 with aggressive mood. She let the music of Jimmy Hendrix to drift her and the result was unique. Leather looks combined with high heels and ankle boots. Metallic colours and studs lead to the most glam rock look. Leather booties, knitted sweaters and leggings emphasize the FW 13-14 collection of DOCA.


Back in 60’s! For the summer of ‘13 DOCA loved the colours. Bold colours and colour blocking as in the 60’s era. Overalls, mini dresses and skirts promised unique every day or evening looks. Wonderful bags in various sizes and colours waited to satisfy even the most demanding woman. High heels or platforms, ballerinas and flat sandals matched every look separately.


Winter 12 arrived and everybody needs to change the way they are dressing. Dark bold hues like petrol and brown take place in DOCA shops. Knitted mini dresses and flat boots are for another year excellent choice for casual looks. As every year so for the winter of 12-13 DOCA did not forget the office looks. Classy black dresses combined with passion red details in bags and shoes attracted the glances.


The SS2012 collection of DOCA was featured by 50’s. Dresses in “A” line are season’s hit. Emphasized waist by using belts, floral and psychedelic prints inspired by famous paintings embraced gracefully female body emphasizing the femininity of every woman. DOCA didn’t forgot the army looks which in combination with the female lines of the 50’s turned the time back in the postwar era.


Disco girl! DOCA for the winter 2011-2012 focused on the 80’s. Disco balls everywhere!  Sequins, furs and disco ball surfaces traveled the DOCA girls back in their favorite season! Leggings, knitted dresses and sweaters combined uniquely completing your looks.


For SS2011 collection DOCA chose white and beige colour in different shades as ecru to taupe. Handcrafted cut outs and 3d pleated are honored, at the same time. Metal details gave rock attitude. For the most summer beachwear look DOCA created sifon and viscose dresses and fitted printed jumpsuits. As we talk about beachwear we have to talk about handcrafted wicker bags and jewelry. DOCA used happy bright colours as orange, turquoise and fuchsia to give a more playful sight.


Winter 10-11! For the 3rd sequel season Eleonora Meleti is the DOCA icon. Boho chic is renewed with rock attitude! New technics are on like quilted, cut outs designs and leather pieces which give volume and interesting designs in bags. DOCA gives intensity in colour by using patch works. Chains came out in silver or gold and colours like navy blue or red.


SS 10 DOCA collection is characterized by denim patchworks and metallic cut outs. It’s the beginning of boho chic style with metal chains and looks for the summer with total or metallic details and rock attitude. We also see the bohemian look and the loose soft bags in bright colours. About the beachwear we can find navy, stripes and laced tops and also wicker bags.


For the 9-10 winter collection DOCA played with bohemian soft look. She preferred big volume bags which is perfect for all day looks with comfort and style. To decorate bags DOCA chose strass, metal details and cut patches emphasizing at boho chic style. Passing to the fall by summer and with winter being the final destination DOCA loved city boho style and earthy shades with pulp purple for powerful looks.


2009’s summer is almost here! Niki Kartsona is DOCA’s new icon! Bold shades and Nomadic bohemian look is the new in! Red, yellow and bold fuchsia combined with white braids. Snake and animal prints and pleated are uniquely highlighting in soft textures. Caftans and airy scarves with sea prints in degrade shades promise to make you memorable at your beachwear looks!

DOCA FALL-WINTER 2008 – 2009

Winter’s 08-09 collection is ready! Even more shinny! Steel illusions and vinyl in black, red and also brown colour. Chains and strass makes unique combinations with purple and metallic. The result…the ultimate chic and wild look!


Fall is powerful back. Although DOCA’s Fall ’07 collection is already on! Find out shiny vinyl bags in bold extreme colors and metallic effects. Don’t forget to reveal your own femininity by using oversized belts!