The network of our associates abroad is growing constantly and fast in countries within & beyond Europe.


We strive hard to offer fashionable collections of the highest quality. We are committed to our clients, that`s why we build long-term collaborations either through retail or wholesale points. A key factor of the brands success is the fine quality product range along with affordable price.

DOCA tries to build a fair and fashionable world. We select carefully our product suppliers in order to meet our social and environmental values and criteria. The Suppliers Network reflects the company’s experience and guarantees competitively-priced goods in line with the highest quality specifications.


Our B2B network is constantly growing. Our network expansion activities are based in the following model:

Via wholesale associates

Our company is constantly creating new powerful collaborations in order to strengthen the brand`s presence abroad. As a result, the total amount of orders that has been placed on a specific region is fully undertaken by one or two wholesale trade companies. Among other responsibilities is to undertake the Sampling & Distribution of products to retail points.

Sampling & Distribution with intermediary

In DOCA we believe that client’s satisfaction comes first. For this reason we use innovative B2B sale methods such as Sampling & Distribution without intermediary of wholesale associates. The main advantage of this method is the instant profit rise of the retailers.

Via Franchise

DOCA’s primary aim is to strengthen its presence worldwide through franchise relationships. With the use of this method, the potential partner can create its own DOCA shop according to company’s corporate philosophy and values. Furthermore, additional assistance is provided, on how to set-up the store and run the business.